A House To Brighten Up Someone’s Day


So far, January has been mostly grey and I, as many of you are I’m sure, am welcoming the approach of the end of the month and the beginning of February – the month that brings us romance and pancakes – what more could anybody ask for!?

I’ve made some new linocut print cards which you can buy from my Etsy shop in time for Valentines Day. They are left blank inside for you to write your own message – it could be to your partner, friend, couple who have just moved into a new house, whatever will make someone’s day brighter!

I’ve learnt from my previous handmade cards that, although it’s nice to make a design for a very specific occasion, the cards can be much more versatile without a certain message! As they are an original work of art in their own right, they can be framed and displayed too!

I also have a sale on until Valentines Day, for said cards which are specifically for an occasion, namely Christmas! If you’re one of those people who like to get stocked up, you can get 40% off each seasonal card with no additional postage costs too. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself and others to a handmade card…




Thank you & Happy 2018!

I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has viewed this blog over the past year, left kind comments about my drawings and shown an interest in what I do. I’ve learnt so much, gained confidence in my drawing ability and have tried new things.

Although I am not strictly continuing my daily drawing challenge, I will be making and drawing things most days that I can! I wanted to use this space to share with you my recent projects.

I saw a tutorial over on Etsy’s instagram page for making your own air dry clay decorations which I thought were so lovely! It was featured in a story so isn’t available to view now, but it couldn’t be more simple. Shape the clay, leave to dry, paint and hang!

I admire so many illustrators who also work in clay and ceramics so I was intrigued as to how my drawings would translate. I’m thrilled that they have turned out so colourful and full of character!

house purple box2.jpg

The houses I made are all so different, but it wouldn’t be mine unless they had my trademark, wobbly brick and tile details. I etched into the painted, dried clay with a scalpel – a technique known as ‘scraffito’.

house box green1.jpg

Before painting in gouache, I sanded down the surface, leaving these beautiful and delicate details that the paint has settled into.

beachhut group together.jpg

I then finished each piece with a glossy glaze, which made the colour stand out even more and highlights all of those handmade textures.

beachhut blue yellow light2.jpg

The beach huts remind me of summer holidays, making the most of every minute of daylight on the beach!

beachhut green box1.jpg

I’m pleased to say that you can purchase any of these hanging decorations from my online shop – I have loved making them and excited for them to have a new home!